Company overview

“Olstas-Len” unites successful businessmen and professionals actively involved in company business

Functional structure of  “Olstas-Len” ALLC corresponds to full-cycle agricultural business with associated services.

Organizational and functional structure of the business

  • “Olstas-Len” ALLC – growing, conditioning, and storage of crops
  • Production bases in the villages of Horodysche and Oleksandrivka
  • Elevator in Mena – 55 thousand tons of storage, certified grain storehouse
  • “Olstas-Agro” ALLC – crops
  • SE “Agroresurs” at “Olstas-Len” ALLC – operation of agricultural and motor equipment, machines, supply of production resources, sale of products

“Olstas-Len” ALLC has a number of features required for implementation of market opportunities and mitigation of risks (SWOT analysis)

  • Knowledge and experience of management team;
  • Experience of successful projects in agricultural sector;
  • Climate (sufficient humidity), fertility of land, convenient location and configuration of fields;
  • Modern innovative technologies;
  • Corporate management system;
  • Positive company reputation;
  • Good communication at regional level;
  • Funding of projects on social support of rural area;
  • Director is the principal owner;
  • Continuity of generations.