• “Olstas” LLC was arranged by businessman Stanislav Kotenko in 1991; back then, main activities included the wholesale/retail trade in agricultural products and food.
  • In 1997, the company entered a retail market of petroleum products. Two gas stations were built in Chernihiv.
  • In 2001, Olstas was purchased by flax mill in Syadryno (Chernihiv region). Group of businessmen arranged “Olstas-Len” ALLC, which specialized in growing and primary processing of flax. As of 2005, “Olstas-Len” was among the leading national flax producers (85% of products exported to China).
  • In 2007, due to flax production crisis, “Olstas-Len” sells the flax mill; main activities switched to cultivation of grain and industrial crops.
  • Every year, the company extends its areas; Koryukivka grain elevator was upgraded in 2012-2013; Mena grain elevator was built in 2014-2015; modern agricultural equipment is being purchased.
  • In 2016, Olstas Company Group handles 8 thousand hectares of land and has two elevators with full production cycle (52 thousand tons of simultaneous storage; grain production – 45-50 thousand tons).
  • Active development.
  • Since 2009, “Olstas-Len” was increasing the area of cultivated land – 3,400 hectares in 2010 to 8,000 hectares in 2016; $1-1.5 million of annual profit is reinvested by company to purchase of fixed assets.

Over the past seven years, “Olstas-Len” company has grown from local agricultural enterprise to major industry player.